What Job Can I Get With Bachelor In Biology?

What Job Can I Get With Bachelor In Biology?

What Job Can I Get With Bachelor In Biology-Are you interested in studying biology and you are curious about the opportunities a bachelor degree in biology can attract, well you happen to be on the right article as we will be showing you the jobs you can get with your bachelor in biology.

What Is Biology?

According to Wikipedia, biology is the scientific study of life. It is also a natural science with a wide scope but has a large number of unifying themes that binds it together to be a single coherent field. For example, all organisms are made up of cells that outcome hereditary information encoded in genes, which can be passed on to the next generations.

Another major theme about biology is evolution, which defines the unity and diversity of life. The processing of energy is also very vital to life as it also allows organisms to grow, reproduce and move. Lastly all organisms have the ability to regulate their own internal environments.

Who Is A Biologist?

A biologist is a scientist, who does series of research in biology. Biologist are also interested in studying every form of life on earth, be it an individual cell, multicellular organism, or a community a community of interacting populations. They usually focus and specialize in a specific branch of biology some of which include molecular biology, zoology and evolutionary biology and have a specific research focus on areas like studying cancer or malaria.

Biologists who have themselves involved in basic research have the plan to advance knowledge about the natural world. They conduct their research using the scientific method, which is an empirical method for the rest of hypotheses. Their findings and Discoveries may have applications for some specific purpose as well as in biotechnology, which has the aim of developing medically useful products for man.

You can pursue a wide variety of biology-related careers in academia, laboratory research, pharmaceuticals, health care, writing and editing. In addition, it all depends on your desired career path and position, pursuing more education beyond your four-year degree might be required.

Jobs You Could get with a Bachelor Degree In Biology

Here are some jobs you can get with your bachelor in biology

  • Health educator
  • Park ranger
  • Biological technician or research assistant
  • Agricultural or food science technician
  • High school science teacher
  • Content writer
  • Physician liaison
  • Environmental scientist or specialist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Quality control technician
  • Pharmaceutical sales representative
  • Food scientist
  • Ecologist or wetland scientist
  • Genetic counselor
  • Geographer
  • Biologist
  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational health and safety specialist
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Physician

  • Health Educator

The primary duties for health educators are to use their knowledge of nutrition, exercise, disease and more to educate communities about wellness and health. Health educators are mostly responsible for studying and collecting data on a variety of health concerns and building informational materials and actionable training programs.

Health educators mostly apply their leadership and communication skills to explain complex and technical information in settings such as educational institutions, public health institutions, community centers and even private business. The national average salary of a health educator is $29,325 per year.

  • Park Ranger

The primary duties of a park ranger can also be called a park warden is entrusted with preserving protecting local, state or nation parks and the natural resources within the nation. The requirements for this career can be different based on location. The park rangers mostly serve as environmental experts, historians and law enforcement officers. The national average salary of a park ranger is $39,130 per year.

  • Biological Technician Or Research Assistant

The primary duties of biological research assistants are to prepare and collect biological samples such as food, bacteria and blood for biologists or medical scientists.

Biological technicians also assist scientists with other laboratory duties or functions, such as maintaining equipment, documenting research results and performing fieldwork. The national average salary of a biological technician is $43,505 per year.

  • Agricultural Of Food Science Technician

The duties of agricultural or food science technicians are to help scientists track data, oversee food production and also analyze the quality of food produced, maintain laboratory equipment and crops and soil. Food science technicians often work for foods and drugs agencies, regulatory agencies or private businesses. The national average salary of a food science technician (food scientist) or Agricultural is $44,750 per year.

  • Physician Liaison

The primary duties of physician liaisons act as intermediaries between a hospital and medical staff or any other health organization such as a nursing home. One of the primary duties of a physician liaison is to strengthen the relationship between the two groups making them find balance.

The national average salary of a physician liaison is $57,750 per year.

  • Environmental Scientist Or Specialist

The primary duties of an environmental scientist are to develop technology that protects and keep safe the ecosystems or the environment globally. An environmental scientist could also act as an advisor for policy recommendations that pertain to the climate or environment.  

Having a bachelor’s degree in biology can qualify you for entry-level work in the field of environmental science. The national average salary for an environmental scientist is $59,715 per year.

  • Forensic Scientist

The primary duties of forensic scientists are to help in criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing biological evidence related to a specific case. Generally, forensic scientists specialize in crime scene investigation or laboratory analysis. The national average salary of a forensic scientist is $61,105 per year.

  • Quality Control Technician

The primary duties of quality control lab technician are to ensure the effectiveness and quality of a company’s products. Quality control technicians primarily work for mostly pharmaceutical manufacturers or food producers.

This role can include closely observing the production or testing of materials purchased from outside vendors. These professionals often focus in area like research, quality assurance or food storage. The national average salary of a quality control technician is $64,936 per year.

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

The primary duties of pharmaceutical sales representatives are to promote and sell new medications to both doctors and other medical professionals for them to do the job of prescribing to patients. In this aspect, communication skills are very vital, along with a working knowledge of also pharmacology. This career frequently seem so interesting to professionals with an interest in the business side of medicine. The national average salary of a pharmaceutical sales representative is $65,760 per year.

  • Food Scientist

The primary duties of food scientists are to create food additives that innovate and improve safety and storage methods. Food scientist mostly conduct laboratory test and also analyze products to ensure quality. These scientists frequently work with government agencies, research institutes and food manufacturing companies. The national average salary of a food scientist is $74,170 per year.

  • Genetic Counselor

The work of a genetic counselor is to advise and also give guardians to individuals undergoing genetic testing. Genetic counselors explain the impacts and results of tests to their clients so as for the clients to understand and act on the information or explanation given.

Genetic counselors often, though not exclusively, work with persons who are highly at risk for diagnosed with genetic disorders. Most genetic counselors work to create a strong knowledge of genomics and biotechnology, and also compassionate communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Biology A Good Degree?
  • Biology provides an amazing option for learners interested in studying the natural world. Having a biology degree opens you up to career opportunities in research, medicine and teaching.

  • What Is The Highest Paying Job With A Biology Degree?
  • Fact is, biologist with a graduate degree often earn the highest salaries in this field. Biotech research scientists, principle scientists and associate directors of research facilities all earn median salaries of more than $90,000 annually.

  • What Can You Do With Biology Degree?
  • Biology TeacherBiochemistPharmaceutical SalesBiological TechnicianEnvironmental ScientistHealth Communications SpecialistAgricultural and Food ScientistMicrobiologist
  • Final Note

    Biology is a great career choice or path way and also one that is filled with many opportunities. Biologist has helped make the world a better place and have come up with so many researches that has help in the production of so many things that has help man and the world at large. So having a bachelor in biology degree is an excellent decision one with no regrets.


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