What Job Can I Get With An Associate Degree?

What Job Can I Get With An Associate Degree

What Job Can I Get With An Associate Degree?-Are you thinking of going for an associate degree and you are confused about the kind of jobs you would get with the degree, then you just saw this post right in time as we are going to be talking exclusively on the job opportunities that are available for you with an associate degree.


It is true that many jobs require you to have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree but this doesn’t mean that there are no job opportunities for those with associate degree in fact, there are many of them.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the employment for occupations that require either an associate degree or professional certificate was projected to increase by 11% between 2016 and 2026.

Also, the associate degree holders have been seen to make an average of around $141 more a week than those with just a high school diploma.


Without much fuss, let delve into the article proper…

What Is An Associate Degree?

An associate degree is a two-year college degree that you can obtain from a community college, junior college, online university or even some four-year institutions.

This kind of degree falls between the high school diploma and the bachelor’s degree.


After earning an associate degree, students go on to do different things like transferring into a bachelor’s degree program and while some other decide to join the workforce and earn some money with the degree.

What Jobs Can I Get With An Associate Degree?

Here, we will be talking about some of the top jobs that you can actually get with an associate degree and we will also be revealing their average annual salaries.

  • Chef
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Court Reporter
  • Library Technician
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Office Manager
  • HVAC Installer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Computer Programmer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Registered Nurse
  • Web Developer
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Civil Engineering Technician
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Computer-Network-Support Specialist
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Food Service Manager
  • Health Information Technician
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Diagnostic Imaging Worker
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Real Estate Agent

·     Chef

A chef is in charge of overseeing the operations in the kitchen. They are in charge of preparing food either by themselves or managing other cooks. A chef works closely with restaurant management to design and implement a menu based on the theme and cuisine of the restaurant.

The chef also ensures that everyone in the kitchen can prepare the items on the menu properly.

As a chef, you will in some cases adjust the dishes for dining guest allergies or preferences.

You just need an associate degree in culinary arts to become a chef.

The average salary of a chef is around $15.20 per hour.

·     Web Developer

As a web developer, you are involved in designing and building websites. You design site appearance, check website speed and also determine how much traffic a website is able to handle.


Web developers create websites to ensure the best functionality and user experience. With their knowledge of programming languages, they are able to create websites with applications. They are also involved in the maintenance of the website and fixing bugs.

To become a web developer, you don’t need a degree provided you have the right skills. Although some employers might prefer to hire those with either an associate degree or bachelor’s degree.

If you are going for the associate degree, you will need an Associate of Science (AS) in computer science, information science or related field.

The average salary of a web developer ranges from $70,834 to $77,238 per year.

·     Dental Hygienist

These people are in charge of examining patients for oral diseases and also providing preventive measures and care to ensure that the teeth, gum and mouth of their patients stay clean and healthy.

Their combination of technical knowledge and communication helps them to carry out their duties well.

They are involved in performing teeth cleanings, administering x-rays on the teeth and also answering questions from patients.

They update patients’ records and also educate them on the techniques to promote healthy teeth.

To become a dental hygienist, you will need an associate degree in dental hygiene and you will also need to get a license to practice as a dental hygienist.

The average salary of a dental hygienist is around $38.29 per hour and around $70,394 per year.


·     Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are responsible for a range of tasks in the medical office, hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities. Some of the tasks these assistants handle are keeping of records of patients’ medical history, measuring blood pressure, assisting doctors with exams and administering medications or vaccinations.

They also prepare lab samples for testing and schedule appointments for patients.

A medical assistant earns an average salary of around $32,034 to $35,045 per year and $16.39 per hour.

·     Legal Assistant

These workers are there to support lawyers in their day-to-day activities as they are in charge of organizing important documents, conducting research and also drafting legal documents.

They also engage in conducting fact-finding investigations to help with legal briefs, helping lawyers during trails and also coordinating interviews and depositions.

Some legal assistants serve this role to become familiar with the duties of lawyers and so as to gain experience in becoming a lawyer.

Most legal assistants have an associate degree in paralegal studies although employers may require them to have bachelor’s degree.

The average salary of a legal assistant ranges from $50,394 to $53,304 per year.

·     HVAC Installer

These workers are in charge of managing the ventilation or air conditioning systems within homes or commercial buildings. They travel from one location to another and work with customers to ensure that their buildings remain at comfortable temperature.

They help in installing new systems, repairing broken HVAC machines, cleaning HVAC components and performing maintenance.


You need an HVAC Technician Associate Degree.

The HVAC installer could earn around $45,034 to $48,304 per year and $23.34 per hour.

·     Registered Nurse

They work with doctors and other medical personnel to treat and take care of patients in healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, etc. Nurses perform tasks like monitoring vitals, providing guidance to patients, administering medications, communicating with both doctors and patients and also keeping records.

The exact title of a nurse and duties depends on their position and the patients they work with like elderly or children.

There are three ways to becoming a nurse and they are bachelor’s degree program in nursing, an associate degree program in nursing or a diploma from an accredited nursing program.

As a registered nurse, you must obtain nursing license in the state you will be working.

The average salary of a registered nurse is around $75,924 per year and $33.98 per hour.

·     Preschool Teacher

A preschool teacher works with young children. They are responsible for developing lesson plans that are both informative and entertaining and use a wide range of educational techniques to teach the children like storytelling.

They help prepare children for kindergarten and teach variety of skills like social skills and language skills.

Some of the tasks preschool teachers perform are planning curriculum, teaching basic learning skills with numbers, colors, letters and shapes and also keeping track of the progress of the students.

They identify the problems children face while learning and tend to address them early.

Preschools teachers earn an average of around $33,203 per year and $14.73 per hour.

·     Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent or broker is someone that helps clients to buy, sell or rent properties. They are responsible for taking clients to see properties, devising lists of available properties for clients and mediating negotiations between buyers and sellers.

You could become a real estate agent with only a high school diploma but you must become licensed in your state. You could also get an associate degree in real estate management or real estate studies.

A real estate agent could earn an average salary or wage of around $51,294 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a two-year degree called?
  • A two year degree is called an associate degree and it is offered at community colleges, technical colleges and career colleges.

  • Is associate degree worth it?
  • People with associate degrees have better job opportunities than those with high school diploma. If you didn’t perform well in high school, you could proceed to getting an associate degree as there are some high paying jobs you could do with an associate degree.

  • Can I be successful with an associate degree?
  • You can actually build a successful career without pursuing a higher education. Not having a bachelor’s degree doesn’t hinder you from landing a high-paying job. So with your associate degree, you can have a financially rewarding career.

  • What are the disadvantages of having an associate degree?
  • You may be competing for job with people with bachelor’s degreeYou might not be able to get managerial or supervisory positions.Your earning may be lower than people with bachelor’s degree
  • Final Note

    What Job Can I Get With An Associate Degree – Having an associate degree is a step to pursuing a greater career for yourself either by furthering your education or getting a job. With an associate degree, you can land high paying jobs just like the ones we have talked about in this post.

    So if you decide not to further your education by getting a bachelor’s degree, there is no need to fret as you can proceed to applying for any of the jobs we have talked about in this article.

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