What Job Can I Get With An Accounting Degree?

What Job Can I Get With An Accounting Degree

What Job Can I Get With An Accounting Degree?-Do you know that an accounting degree exposes you to lots of opportunities and a variety of career path? It is a vast field that offers so many opportunities if you’re eager to join it.


Accounting which is also called the “language of business” is the process, measurement, compilation, and communication of financial and non-financial information about economic entities which includes businesses and corporations.

It is also divided into various fields, such as financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, which you can select any as a career choice. Being a very vast field, it presents diverse career paths to choose from and lot of opportunities to those who join it.

Depending on the choice of career, graduating with an Accounting degree makes you opportune you to earn high-paying salaries. All around the world, every industry needs an accountant to manage their finances, and this creates a high demand for accounting graduates. This gives accounting graduates a strong job security.


The accounting degree also adds to you a number of transferable skills which will enhance credentials and make you a desirable employee to a wide range of employees. We will be list a number of good, well-paying jobs you can get with an Accounting degree.

Jobs You Can Get With An Accounting Degree

  • Bookkeeper
  • Auditor
  • Accounting clerk
  • Credit analyst
  • Compliance officer
  • Tax accountant
  • Accounts payable manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Budget analyst
  • Certified financial planner
  • Personal finance adviser
  • Forensic accountant
  • Risk analyst
  • Accounting professors
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Director
  • Accounting software developer
  • International tax manager
  • Corporate controller
  • Actuarial analyst

·     Bookkeeper

The primary duty of a Bookkeeper is to maintain the day-to-day financial activities of a company or economic entity. They are responsible for recording and presenting financial standings and reports to the company’s management. They are highly needed in every company in an industry.

You can earn up to $43,861 per year as a Bookkeeper which can depend on your qualification, experience or location.


·     Auditor

Auditors primarily reviews a company’s or individuals financial filings to make sure that calculations are accurate and all finances are well accounted for. In specific cases, auditors can be involved when financial crimes are suspected and also they can be called randomly to assess financial management as their financial calculations are expected to be accurate.

As an Auditor, you can earn up to $49,889 per year.

·     Accounting clerk

Accounting Clerks are professionals basically responsible for maintaining financial records, running, reports and records a wide range of transactions. They provide administrative assistance to accountants in an organization, preparing statements that confirms the database information is accurate.

An Accounting clerk could earn up to $51,702 per year.

·     Credit Analyst

They are specifically responsible for collecting and analyzing information from an individual’s financial background to assess their credit. You mostly find them working in banks or insurance companies to help determine qualified applicants for loan.

They could earn up to $55,250 per year.

·     Compliance Officer

Compliance officers ensure that all financial filings, tasks and decisions are compliant with national laws in respect to company finances. They also distribute information about compliance throughout their organization; they implement compliance policies and procedures and also meticulously evaluate their company’s compliance performance.

Compliance officers could earn up to $59,894 per year


·     Tax Accountant

Tax accountants are mainly responsible for filing and completing tax returns for a business or an individual, which depends on their position. They collect and fill all necessary data, submit data accurately and calculate the correct outcome of the tax return, annually.

You could earn up to $66,463 per year as a Tax accountant.

·     Accounts Payable Manager

Account payable managers specifically handled all the bills and invoices that a company has to pay. They are taxed with overseeing a team, making sure the department adheres to all policies and reviewing invoice and check processing.

Accounts payable managers could earn up to $66,867 per year

·     Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are in charge of tracking the state of stocks, bonds and other investments to help make cautious recommendations and predictions for organizations. They analyze company and individual goals in account and determine which financial decisions would be most beneficial.

You could earn up to $72,061 per year as a financial analyst.

·     Budget Analyst

Budget analysts are responsible for determining the expenditures of an organization. They are responsible for managing multiple budgets throughout the organization to ensure money is properly spent.

Budget analyst could earn up to $73,167 per year

·     Certified Financial Planner

Certified financial planners often work are part of a firm, they are also employed by individuals. They usually help a person or family reach their financial goals, such as education and retirement. They are responsible for assisting clients with tax returns, and offer investment advice and guide clients through estate planning.

Certified financial planners could earn up to $74,189 per year.


·     Personal Finance Adviser

Personal financial advisers specifically work with individuals to help them assess and develop financial plans according to their goals. They give investment recommendations, establish accounts or suggest ways to reduce spending in various areas.

They could earn up to $77,552 per year

·     Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants are responsible for investing financial occurrences in a criminal case. They are very likely to work with financial institutions or organizations to fully understand how the parties involved spent, received or sent money during specific timeframes.

Forensic accountants could earn up to $78,123 per year.

·     Risk Analyst

Risk analysts are primarily responsible for analyzing the financial risk which comes with important business decisions. They mostly work for insurance companies and they use software to calculate the best and worst possible outcomes.

Risk analyst could earn up to $78,284 per year.

·     Accounting Professor

Accounting professors are specifically responsible developing a curriculum about accounting and finance for universities and colleges. To ensure successful transfer of information to their students, they will create tests, quizzes, presentations and homework assignments.

Accounting professors could earn up to $78,862 per year

·     Financial Manager

Financial managers work alongside other managers in a company. To become a financial manager, you have to develop strong analytical skills. They are responsible for tracking expenses, ensuring all managers stay within their department’s budget and creating accurate and timely financial reports.

Financial managers could earn up to $92,073 per year.


·     Financial Director

The primary duty of financial directors is to direct and manage the economic and financial health of a company or organization. They make major decisions to meet financial goals and carefully plan for long-term monetary health.

Financial Directors could earn up to $96,751 per year.

·     Accounting Software Developer

Accounting software developers have a primary duty of creating maintaining and improving on the software that accounting organizations use to manage finances. They usually work hand-in-hand with the teams or individuals that use them to make sure the software is helping them achieve their goals and easy to work with.

You could earn up to $96,573 per year as an accounting software developer.

·     International Tax Manager

Being one of the highest paying jobs in this field, international tax managers are responsible for keeping up to date on global tax laws to ensure an international organization is following all the legal rules when operating in multiple counties

International tax managers could earn up to $100,489 per year.

·     Corporate Controller

Corporate controllers are responsible for overseeing the accounting department and ensure organizations are compliant, preparing and maintaining budgets, also creating financial reports and more.

Corporate controllers could earn up to $110,943 per year.

·     Actuarial Analyst

The primary duty of actuarial analysts is to measure risk for an organization or company using data. They are often employed by financial services businesses and insurance companies. They are also responsible for creating charts and graphs to communicate risk evaluation, interpret data analysis results and make sure that all relevant reports are accurate.

You could earn up to $112, 381 per year as an Actuarial analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Job has highest salary in accounting?
  • Here is a list of some highest paying accounting careers

    • Financial ControllerCMA (Certified Management Accountant)Chartered AccountantBank Branch ManagerCGA (Certified General Accountant)Senior AccountantFinancial AnalystCredit Supervisor

  • What is the easiest job in accounting?
  • Budget AnalystPublic AccountantAccounting AssistantAccounting ClerkBookkeeper
  • What are the 7 types of accounting ?
  • List of 7 types of Accounting:

    • Financial AccountingProject AccountingManagerial AccountingGovernment AccountingForensic AccountingTax AccountingCost Accounting

  • Is it  hard to find a job with an Accounting degree?
  • It can be quite difficult to get a first accounting job with no experience, as employers want a candidate with accounting experience, but you can get hired to get the experience. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get your foot in the door. With good qualification and a bit of creative thinking, you can persuade an employer to give you a chance.

    Final Note

    Every industry, company and even the government needs an accountant, which makes this field and open door to opportunities. But the opportunity you get varies depending on your career choice, and even the income you get depends on the career you go for in the accounting field. As you walk towards getting an accounting degree, look through our list and pick a career you can handle and enjoy.

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