What Job Can I Get With A Psychology Degree?

What Job Can I Get With A Psychology Degree?

What Job Can I Get With A Psychology Degree?-After earning a psychology degree, there are certain career paths that you could take in psychology that will fit with your goals and lifestyle. A psychology degree is a great starting point for a career whether for science of arts and you get to be equipped with a wide range of skills and great opportunities with a range of employers.

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior to explore unanswered questions about the brain, how it functions under stress, how mental illness would affect the brain, how it learns languages and many other questions.

In getting a psychology degree, you can choose to specialize in specific areas of psychology like education, research, health, therapy, exercise and forensic.

Did you know that the psychology degree ranks in the top three most popular for admission seekers according to information from macuniversity.edu?

So if you are unsure about what career you could pursue after studying psychology, then you shouldn’t worry about that as we are going to be taking you through the jobs you could get with a psychology degree.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

What Does A Psychology Degree Cover?

Majorly, the psychology degree looks into the science of human behavior and they also develop the skills to understand and interpret research findings about how people behave and why they behave so.

The coursework encompasses the examination of the mind and brain, human interactions, theories of personality, clinical psychology, child psychology, behavioral disorders, cognitive neuroscience, mental health etc.

What Can You Do With A Psychology Degree?

With your psychology degree, you can pursue careers in both arts and science field depending on your personal interests.

There are a lot of opportunities on the public and private healthcare, education, mental health support therapy, counseling, social work and even research.

Here are some jobs you could do with a psychology degree…

  • Therapist
  • Behavior Analyst
  • Counseling psychologist
  • Sports psychologist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Correctional psychologist
  • Military psychologist
  • Industrial psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Psychology professor
  • Researcher
  • Psychology program director
  • Experimental psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Further education teacher

·     Therapist

As a therapist, you could help clients’ process thoughts, emotion and even make decisions. Therapists assist in improving the general mental health and happiness. Every therapist has their own process and they can work in different areas like social work, marriage or family therapy.

You can also become a High Intensity Therapist who offers high-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based interventions like imagery rescripting and exposure therapy to help patients manage their own recovery.

As a therapist, you could earn an average salary of $28.00 per hour and the money you earn depends on your qualification, experience and also location.

·     Behavior Analyst

A behavior analyst studies and develops plans that will improve certain aspects of human behavior. These set of people could work in the hospitals, schools, correctional facilities and government departments.

They work directly with individuals who struggle to control their behavior as they come up with treatment strategies, help patients to form new behavioral patterns and also come up with tangible reasons for unwanted behaviors to change them.

They work with patients who need help navigating behavior differences caused by autism, developmental disabilities, emotional disturbances, behavioral disorders and other mental health issues.

A behavioral analyst could earn an average salary of $72,203 per year.

·     Counseling Psychologist

A counseling psychologist is in charge of using psychological theory and research in therapeutic work to help clients with a range of difficult issues they face in life or mental health conditions.

Clients facing issues like domestic violence, sexual abuse, traumas, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder and so on can visit the counseling psychologist for help.

They hold appointments with clients and give them psychological advice. While some counseling psychologist might run their own practice and set their own schedules while some others can work in the hospital or some other offices.

A counseling psychologist could earn an average salary of $79,304 per year.

·     Health Psychologist

A health psychologist helps patients that are having heath issues to understand their illness and effect health-related behavioral change. As a health psychologist, you promote overall wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle and also support patients on a range of health issue like cardiac rehabilitation, pain management, adjusting to cancer, management of diabetes and other long-term health issues.

You can work with children and adults and can work closely with other health professionals in the hospital or clinic. You can also work directly with families in their homes.

As a health psychologist, you could earn an average salary of $90,304 per year.

·     Educational Psychologist

An educational psychologist works with children and young people on variety of issues. They help in supporting children with learning difficulties or communication needs and also helping schools to meet the needs of young people who are finding it hard to manage and control their emotions.

They use different techniques when working directly with children and young people to assess what they need.

As an educational psychologist, you could work in a school as a teacher or work with social services to help support learning in the community at all ages.

As an educational psychologist, you could earn an average salary of $60,304 to $150,334 per year.

·     Forensic Psychologist

This type of psychologist studies the behaviors of people who commit crimes in order to answer questions about cases and documents findings in order to solve cases. They do not only work with prisoners and offenders as you also work with other professional involved in the judicial and penal systems and also the victims o of crime.

As a forensic psychologist, you will be involved in providing research-based evidence to develop policy and working practices and also give evidence in court and advise parole boards and mental health tribunals.

As a forensic psychologist, you could earn an average salary of $65,034 to $170,293 per year.

·     Neuropsychologist

As a Neuropsychologist, you are involved with observing, diagnosing and treating abnormalities related to functions of the brain and nervous system. These doctors work in the hospitals and some others may work in mental health organizations or assisted living establishments.

They specialize in understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behavior.

As a neuropsychologist, you could earn an average of $200,034 per year.

·     Occupational Psychologist

As an occupational psychologist, you get to focus on how people behave at work so as to increase their efficiency, productivity, job satisfaction and the overall effectiveness of an organization.

An occupational psychologist focuses on the performance, wellbeing, health, behavior and workability of employees in an organization.

Your job encompasses a wide range of ergonomics, personnel management and time management.

·     Life Coach

With your psychology degree, you could work as a life coach. As a life coach, you help your clients make decisions and changes in order to achieve their potential.

Life coaches are there to help their clients identify their personal strengths and areas for development. As a life coach, you would develop on-going, confidential one-to-one relationships with your clients.

As a life coach, you get to earn an average salary of $29 to $40 per hour or session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a degree in psychology good?
  • Indeed a degree in psychology is good. It opens you up to a lot of opportunities. You get to work either in the private or public settings.

  • How long doesn’t it take for a psychology degree?
  • To become a clinical psychology, you will need an undergraduate degree of four to five years and a doctorate degree of four to seven years.Some other career paths in psychology doesn’t require much years of college like the marriage and family therapist who just needs a master’s degree to become licensed which require just two to three years of graduate study after the undergraduate study.

  • What field of psychology has the most jobs?
  • The clinical psychology field employs most of the workers compared to any field within the psychology. They are involved in assessing, diagnosing, treat and prevent mental illnesses and disorders.

    Final Note

    We are sure that with the information we have revealed in this post, you will be able to make up your mind as to what career you would pursue if you want to study psychology.

    Psychology is a great choice of career as it provides a general understanding of people and also valued skills in writing, researching and reasoning.

    Whether you want to work directly with clients or patients or help organizations to develop better working ways, you can find a position that fits your goals and interests.

    Although some of the roles in psychology require extensive experience and education, you can begin your psychology career by finding an entry-level or assistant job that further your education.


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