What Job Can I Get With A Political Science Degree?

What Job Can I Get With A Political Science Degree

What Job Can I Get With A Political Science Degree?-Political science programs help you to understand how leaders acquire and maintain power, how government and other institutions can be run with efficiency and transparency and also how social momentum start and gain momentum.

In political science, you get to study the concepts of ethics, justice and democracy and learn about the systems of government, political behavior and how you can apply theory to current political events.

This is a versatile degree as you can go into a career in politics, business, media, education and some non-profit work.

Political science is a great major to consider as they are a lot of jobs that you could do with your political science degree.

In this post, we are going to be looking at some career choices for political science degrees.

So let’s get started…

An Overview Of Political Science Major

According to Wikipedia, political science is the scientific study of politics. It is a social science that deals with the systems of governance and power, the analysis of political activities, political thought, political behavior and associated constitutions and laws.

In political science, you have sub-disciplines like comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Some other sub-disciplines are public policy and administration, domestic politics and government, political economy and political methodology.

Political science majors develop strong writing and research skills. Students in this career field discover how to make a convincing argument and back it up with facts. They get to hone their presentation and verbal communication skills.

Political science majors refine the analytical skills of its students while exploring policy initiatives and considering the extent of government actions. In this course of study, critical thinking is very important to evaluate the platforms of political parties and the impact of leadership changes.

So graduating with a political science degree will open you up to variety of opportunities after graduation.

What Job You Can Do With A Political Science Degree?

  • Policy analyst
  • Political scientist
  • Lawyer
  • Directory of regulatory affairs
  • Economist
  • Management analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Political consultant
  • Legislative assistant
  • Political campaign staff
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Markey research analyst
  • Public relations manager
  • Mediator
  • Urban planner
  • Social media manager
  • Nonprofit program coordinator
  • Professor
  • Historian

·     Policy Analyst

As a policy analyst, you are involved in researching national trends as it relates to social, economic, international and other political issues. Some of their main duties include updating current policy, advising on policies, working with stakeholders, organization on policy development and addressing specific issues.

As a policy analyst, you must devise a sound thesis and build a convincing argument for or against the adoption of particular policy initiative. They also use their insight and knowledge of the political and legislative process to enlist the support of individuals who can help advance initiatives.

As a policy analyst, you could earn an average of $74,304 per year.

·     Public Relations Specialist

These set of people influence public opinion about their clients based largely on placing stories with the media. As a public relations specialist, you are responsible for adjusting and maintaining the reputation of an organization, department or company.

You get to communicate with major news sources, manage social media, write blog posts or develop press releases.

As a public relations specialist, you could earn an average of $55,304 per year.

  • Political Campaign Staff

As a political campaign staff, you are in charge of developing and executing various tactics to get a political candidate into power. You get to formulate and execute campaign strategy and work towards building a brand or favorable public image for the candidate.

Political campaign staff uses the ability of political science to study the current political issues and assess voter reactions to a candidate’s political platform. They write press releases, draft languages for speeches, manage the candidate’s social media imprint and also organize events to gain exposure for candidates.

They can also go as far as formulating strategies to raise money to fund the campaign.

As a political campaign staff, you could earn an average of $46,316 per year for campaign field organisers and $60,343 per year for campaign managers.

·     Legislative Assistant

As a legislative assistant or aide, you get to help lawmakers pass legislation and achieve their political goals. You are responsible for assessing the interest of constituents in relation to current political issues and present the views of your elected officials within a positive framework.

A legislative assistant provides administrative, communications and research support to lawmakers at the state and federal levels.

They tap into the writing and verbal skills developed through studying political science to coordinate communication with constituents and inform them about developments within their district.

A legislative assistant could earn an average of $42,293 to $45,495 per year.

·     Business Analyst

Business analysts are in charge of studying, assessing and evaluating the needs of various organizations so as to develop business system solutions.

They help organizations achieve their goals by analyzing data, assessing processes and systems, creating solution and planning to achieve the future goals of the organization.

They play a key role in communicating between internal departments and external parties. They aggregate data from various sources and use statistical and mathematical methods to answer complex business questions.

As a business analyst, you could earn an average salary ranging from $75,234 to $80,284 per year.

·     Intelligence Analyst

As an intelligence analyst, you are responsible for identifying, monitoring and controlling potential threats so as to prevent internal and external attacks. You could work for clandestine agencies of the government like the CIA and National Security Agency.

Through the understanding of political science, you would be able to study particular groups that pose a threat to security and analyze patterns of leadership and popular support.

You get to write reports from your findings, present briefings and also have knowledge of foreign languages used by potential terrorists to as to prevent their attacks.

As an intelligence analyst, you get to earn an average salary that ranges from $43,034 to $49,845 per year.

·     Market Research Analyst

As a market research analyst, you study market trends and provide important financial information for the companies, organizations or clients you work for. Through your research, you get to inform economic policy, develop new products for organizations or adjust advertising and social media messaging for audiences.

A market research analyst analyzes how consumers will respond to products or services. Through the political science major, they develop skills to help them survey consumer reactions to potential or current products and services.

As a market research analyst, you get to earn an average salary that ranges from $54,340 to $58,923 per year.

·     Political Consultant

A political consultant is in charge of helping political candidates to run successful campaigns for offices at all levels. They might help develop public messaging, public relations strategies, write speeches, raise campaign funds and many other activities.

They use the knowledge of the political process that they gained from political science majors to devise strategies for candidates to influence voters. They help to brand candidates and repair damaged images.

As a political consultant, you could earn an average salary of $35,445 to $41,204 per year.

·     Directory Of Regulatory Affairs

These people are members of an organization’s public relations team. They are in charge of maintaining and managing the relationship with members of appropriate government bodies. They work for corporations, nonprofits, health care operations and other organizations.

You could earn an average salary ranging from $95,034 to $100,234 per year.

·     Political Scientist

As a political scientist, you are responsible for studying the development, structures and operations of political trends and governments. Their research is used to develop and come up with strategies and operational plans for various government departments and policies.

As a political scientist, you can also find jobs as a professor in universities and colleges.

As a political scientist, you could earn an average salary ranging from $113,304 to $120,393 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is political science a good career option?
  • Indeed it is. Political science degree can lead to a great career in state and local governments, law, business, campaign management, election politics, research, international organizations, non-profit organizations and universities.

  • How long does it take to study political science?
  • Political science is a four-year degree that looks to understand and explain the theory and practice of government and politics from the local, national and international levels.

  • Can a political science student become a lawyer?
  • If you have an undergraduate degree in political science, it provides you with the basics for some advanced degrees like law. Lawyers can start their career with a political science degree.

    Final Note

    From all we have said so far, you can see that political science is a good career option as it offers a lot of opportunities in politics, media, business and even education.

    So if you are confused about what job you can do with a political science degree, we are sure that the information we have revealed in this article will help you in making a decision on the career path to follow.


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