What Job Can I Get With  A Degree In Public Administration?

What Job Can I Get With A Degree In Public Administration

What Job Can I Get With  A Degree In Public Administration?-If you are looking for a career that allows you to be versatile or help others by working in public agencies in local, state or federal government, then public administration is the field to select from. Professionals from in this field focuses on issues of great interest to the public, like how to solve various public policy problems and to competently manage the many government programs and agencies at all levels.

Public administration is a field in which leaders serve their communities to advance the common good and bring about positive change. Students in this field are prepared to enter or advance their careers as they explore government and nonprofit decision-making and policy implementation. Students are trained to become competent leaders through coursework that involves high-level knowledge and understanding of human resource management, communication skills, law, budget/financial management, data analysis, and theory as it concerns the public sector.

With a degree in public administration you could pursue a career in government or nonprofit work in various areas including Transportation, Community and economic development, Public health/social services, Education/higher education, Parks and recreation, Housing, Law enforcement and public safety, Emergency management, Disaster response, Public works. Below is a list of well-paying jobs you can get with a degree in public administration.

Jobs You Can Get With A Public Administration Degree

  • Financial Analyst
  • Urban Planners
  • Logisticians
  • Medical/Health Service Manager
  • Training and development managers
  • Executive Director
  • Public relations manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Financial managers
  • Chief executive officers
  • Mayor
  • Auditor
  • Education director
  • Data Scientist
  • Chief operating officer

·     Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are professional analyst that assists companies with making smart and beneficial investment and expenditures. These professionals can be found in banks, non-profit organizations, or nationally known businesses. Companies depend heavily on financial analysts to track and monitor financial transactions so the business is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

A financial analyst could earn up to $81,590 per year.

·     Urban Planners

Urban planners are responsible for providing information for accommodating growing communities and promoting proper use of resources throughout urbanized areas. They are very important to cities that are experiencing population growth or wanting to make their cities more comfortable for the community.

Urban Planners could earn up to $74,350 per year.

·     Logisticians

Logisticians are professionals that you can in almost every industry. They are responsible for monitoring the transfer of products or services from the beginning stages of development to delivery. These professionals provide a very valuable service to the companies where they work.

Logistics could earn up to $74,750 per year depending on the industry and location they work.

·     Medical/Health Service Manager

Medical/health service managers are in charge of overseeing staff, planning effective policies, and coordinating healthcare services. These professionals are a major part of the smooth operation of the medical world.

Medical/Health Service Managers could earn up to $100,980 per year.

·     Training And Development Managers

Training and development managers properly inform incoming employees of the company’s individual requirements and basic requirements or safety procedures for the company. These professionals plan, coordinate, and implementing very effective training programs for employees in various organizations.

As a training development manager you can earn up to $113,350 per year.

·     Executive Director

Executive directors are in charge of hiring new employees, staff management, and budget management. They carefully monitor the company as a whole to make sure that the business practices being conducted are effective and efficient. Executive director oversee nonprofit organizations and delivers a great deal of service to his or her respective company.

Executive directors could earn up to $104,690 per year.

·     Public Relations Manager

A Public relation manager provides support to clients and a great influence into the opinion of others. Since they deal directly with the public, they can be an crucial part of how popular a business is within the public eye. The public relations manager is the lead source of public for a company or organization since all business depends on how involved the community is.

You could earn up to $116,180 per year as a public relations manager.

·     Human Resource Manager

The human resource manager plans, coordinates, and implements various administrative factors that can lead to a successful business. These professionals as the go-to persons when it comes to the administrative functions in a business. The human resource manager handles the pay and benefits for employees and also assist in strategic planning for better business practices in general. They have a variety of responsibility.

A human resource manager could earn up to $116,720 per year.

·     Financial Managers

Financial managers are in charge of monitoring the general financial health of the organization in which they work. It will likely be impossible for a business to exhibit successful financial planning without an able financial manager.

Financial managers could earn up to $129,890 per year.

·     Chief Executive Officers

Chief executive officers are the leaders of large private organizations at the top of the private sector. They are typically found in private organizations rather than public service or non-profit. They are responsible for the daily operations of various types of companies and create strategies for reaching goals and meeting guidelines for future businesses.

A chief executive officer could earn up $193,850 per year.

·     Mayor

Mayors oversee the major governmental departments of a city, town or municipality, such as police, housing, firefighter, education and public health. Some mayors have a whole lot of control over these and also other city resources, while others serve as mostly equal members of their city’s council. Some of their duties include designing or enacting new laws, casting votes at town hall meetings, approving press releases and attending community events.

A mayor could earn up to $104,991 per year.

·     Auditor

An auditor makes sure than an organizations financial data are accurate and up-to-date. They can be internal employees who review the records of the company they work for or they can work for an external organization, such as a government agency or consulting firm that analyzes the financial records of other businesses. They also ensure that an organization comply with government regulations, such as taxes or regulations specific to their industry.

Auditors could earn up to $57,339 per year.

·     Education Director

Education directors are in charge of supervising the staff and operations related to developing an academic institutions curriculum. They research, assess and choose various curriculum materials, teaching strategies and protocols. Education director sometimes oversee these processes for a particular school, like an elementary or high school, or for a region, such as a school district or state education department.

An Education director could earn up to $61,885 per year.

·     Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for collecting, organizing, evaluating and extracting meanings from large and complex sets of data. They use techniques from various fields to perform processes like data modeling, natural language processing and data mining.

Data Scientists could earn up to $124,074 per year.

·     Chief Operating Officer

Chief operating officers usually report to the chief executive officer of a company. They primarily oversee the operational and administrative processes, protocols, and staff members at their company. Chief operating officers also monitor the day-to-day operations, like establishing and enforcing internal business standards, making decisions about a company’s finances and creating staffing policies.

Chief operating officers earn up to $133,761 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bachelor of public administration?
  • The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration is a professional degree designed to prepare students for administrative careers in government and nonprofit organizations. For those already employed, it provides an opportunity to improve administrative skills and enhance career prospects and mobility.

  • Where can a public administrator work?
  • A good number of public administrators work in local, state, and federal government offices to ensure public policies and programs are implemented effectively, but there are also career paths in nonprofit organizations, healthcare facilities, universities and schools, and private corporations or companies.

  • Can a public administrator work in a hospital?
  • Doctors and hospitals must conform to numerous federal and state laws. Public administrators play a crucial role in the oversight of doctors on two levels.

  • Is public administration hard?
  • The subject is generally regarded as easy and simple to understand. There is ample study material for public administration. The questions are generally precise.

    Final Note

    A position in public administration can allow you to make positive changes for individuals or organizations while earning a high salary. So if you enjoy helping people and making a difference, then you might want to consider pursuing a career in or related to public administration.

    We have listed out some very good jobs you can get with a public administration degree to help you make an easier but excellent choice of career.


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