What Job Can I Get With A Degree In International Relations?

What Job Can I Get With A Degree In International Relations

What Job Can I Get With A Degree In International Relations? – If you are seeing this article it means you are here to know the chances of getting employed with a degree in international relations. Well you came to the right place as we will be showing you the jobs and opportunities you can get with a degree in international relations.


Individuals interested in world affairs, global economics and foreign policy most times pursue a degree in international relations, which can prepare them for many unique and rewarding careers. If you hold a degree or pursuing a degree in international relations, it can be very beneficial to know the type of jobs available to you and the career paths you can now pursue with this degree.

What Is International Relations?

This is also known as international affairs or international studies. It is the scientific study of interactions between sovereign states. In a more basic sense, it concerns all activities between states such as diplomacy, trade, war and foreign policy and also the relations with and among other international actors, including intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), international legal bodies, multinational corporations (MNCs), international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs). There are several schools of thought inside international relations, of which the highly prominent are liberalism, constructivism and realism.

International relations is globally classified as a major subdiscipline of political science also with comparative politics and political theory. In addition, it often draws heavily from other fields such as:


  • Economics
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • History
  • Anthropology

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

Job That You Can Get With An International Relations Degree

Here are the jobs you can get with degree international relations.

  • Political consultant
  • Intelligence specialist
  • Interpreter
  • Language specialist
  • Translator
  • International marketing specialist
  • International benefits analyst
  • International logistics manager
  • Nonprofit program coordinator
  • Public relations specialist
  • Economic analyst
  • International policy analyst
  • International lawyer
  • Regulatory affairs manager
  • Diplomatic agent

  • Political Consultant

The primary duties of political consultants are to support and manage the efforts and public images of politicians and government officials. They also act as public relations specialists and salespeople as they promote their clients by using methods such as advertising and press releases to endorse their campaign or candidate.


They most times strategically guide policies, communication and also public appearances. Political consultants also work either with organizations or businesses or lobbyists to advocate legislative change. The national average salary of a Political consultant is $35,025 per year.

  • Intelligence Specialist

The specific area of an intelligence specialist is to work for the federal government, either for a national or state security agency or in the military. The primary duties of an intelligence specialist also include collecting and analyzing information on topics regarding national security.

They most times manage operations by evaluating results and statistics, determining threat levels and creating mission reports. Intelligence specialists might also maintain classified intelligence databases and files. This position mostly needs highly specialized training. The national average salary of an intelligence specialist is $41,570 per year.

  • Interpreter

The primary duties of an interpreter are to translate verbal communication from one language to another to relate communication between two or more people who don’t speak the same language. Interpreters mostly think quickly and they are fluent in at least two languages so that they can maintain the pace of a natural conversation. They commonly work in courtrooms, schools, hospitals and customer service positions. The national average salary of an interpreter is $45,755 per year.

  • Language Specialist

The primary duties of a language specialist are to translate written content and spoken dialogue through interpretation and transcription. A language specialist is commonly fluent in multiple languages so they can effectively communicate the simple meaning of particular content from one language to another while considering slang, nuance and figurative languages.

A language specialist totally possesses advanced verbal and written communication skills. Language specialist often practices in a specific industry, such as education, law and medicine. The national average salary of a language specialist is $51,682 per year.

  • International Marketing Specialist

The primary duties of an international marketing specialist oversee the global marketing activities and strategies of an organization. They develop marketing plans and budgets and work hand in hand with domestic marketing teams on product launches and marketing initiatives.

Some of other duties of an international marketing specialist include predicting trends, conducting market research, promoting sales of a company’s products and services and identifying risks and opportunities with their organization’s marketplace. The national average salary of an international marketing specialist includes $56,820 per year.


  • International Benefits Analyst

The primary duties of international benefits analyst are to work for international organizations to develop and implement employee benefit programs. They use the knowledge of an industry to analyze industry and also employment trends and survey employees to determine benefit needs.

An effective international benefits analyst researches benefits legislation across an organization’s international locations and makes sure that the organization’s compliance with its benefit programs. Some of their duties also include communicating benefits packages and options to employees through presentations, information packages and digital tools. The national average salary of an international benefits analyst is $60,825 per year.

  • International Logistics Manager

The primary duties of an international logistics manager are to transport, storage and distribution of materials in global organization with the ultimate target of effectively managing their company’s supply chain. To accomplish this, they may develop and evaluate budgets, negotiate contracts with clients and suppliers, supervise and train logistics teams and process shipments of goods.

A successful international logistics manager has possessed expertise in problem-solving, adaptability and advanced communication skills. That national average salary of an international logistics manager is $64,840 per year.

  • Nonprofit Program Coordinator

The primary duties of nonprofit program coordinators work with other program directors to plan and coordinate programs for a nonprofit organization that support its mission and goals. Most of their responsibility includes budgeting, providing technical support, fundraising and community outreach.

Program coordinators employed by international companies frequently demonstrate an understanding of cultures associated with their organization’s goal or mission and use this knowledge or information to improve relations with international clients. The national average salary of a nonprofit program coordinator is $69,075 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Highest Paying Job In International Relations?
  • We will take look at a few of the highest paying and also sought after international studies major careers:

    • International Development ConsultantEconomistImmigration SpecialistIntelligence AnalystDiplomatCommunications OfficerPolitical AnalystLobbyist

  • Is Majoring In International Relations A Good Idea?
  • International relations is one of the best a good major for students who are interested in learning about important issues on a global scale. There is a high demand for people with this degree and that demand keeps growing more especially as the world all-round experiences unprecedented changes and events.

  • What Field Is International Relations?
  • International relations is of the field of political science so studies varies from among relationships between countries, inter-governmental organizations and the role of sovereign states, international and some non-governmental organizations as well as multinational corporations.


    Final Note

    International relations is absolutes a good career choice for you provided you are intentional about it, it has a lot of jobs opportunities waiting for you. Knowing that it has a link with political science and government both internationally and nationally gives it a more leverage to be among one of the best courses in the field of political science.

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