What Job Can I Get With A Degree In English Language?

What Job Can I Get With A Degree In English Language

What Job Can I Get With A Degree In English Language – Are you curious about the jobs you can get with having a degree in English language? This article is here you show you all you need to know about the jobs you can secure with your degree in English language.

English language degrees provide graduates with excellent communication skills, time management, organization skills and critical thinking. All of these are transferable and useful across multiple industries, allowing graduates to consider career paths in many varieties of sectors.

What Is English Language?

The English language has established itself as one of the popular widely spoken languages, with over 300 million native speakers and a far higher number of second language speakers all of the world.

This has made it no surprise that every year, thousands of prospective students choose to study the English language with all of its faults, contradictions and quirks.

The main purpose of an English language degree is to explore and understand the way in which English has developed and evolved over many years to become useable in a huge variety of formal and informal situations and by also a huge variety of people.

Native English speakers may expect English language studies to be normally natural to them, but the task of studying the language in degree course is not something to be taken lightly and it will certainly be a test of your ability as a student.

In addition, a good English language degree from a respected university can provide big opportunities both in postgraduate academia and in the ever more competitive labour or job market.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In English Language

Here are the jobs you can get with a degree in English Language:

  • Reporter
  • Production Assistant
  • Marketing Associate
  • Paralegal
  • Editor
  • High School English Teacher
  • Communication Officer
  • Librarian
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Publisher
  • Brand Strategist
  • English Professor
  • Internal Communication Executive
  • Lawyer

  • Reporter

The primary duties of reporters and journalists are to write and report news stories. They can specialize in so many areas, such as sports, crime, politics, entertainment and social issues. They need investigative skills to research information and conduct interviews.

Reporters most times accept assignments from employers or develop their own ideas to pursue stories. Reporters can work in magazines, radio, newspapers, online and television. The national average salary of a reporter is $39,350 per year.

  • Production Assistant

The primary duties of production assistants are to work in the film and television industries and perform different duties. They also answer phones, order supplies, order and pick food and drinks, create schedules, help with transportation and run other errands.

Production assistant most times is an entry-level role that is mostly the first step in a film or television production career. They can become directors, producers or other roles. The criteria needed aside their degree is them being reliable, detail-oriented and have perfect or excellent active listening skills. The national average salary of a production assistant is $41,275 per year.

  • Marketing Associate

The primary duties of marketing associates are to perform day-to-day tasks in a company’s marketing department or an advertising agency to help or assist marketing managers. Their duties mostly include writing and proofreading copy, performing administrative tasks and researching marketing trends. The national average salary of a Marketing associate is $42,720 per year.

  • Paralegal

The primary duties of paralegals are to assist lawyers. Their responsibilities may also include researching laws, precedents and legal cases, drafting legal documents, researching law, organizing and compiling information and investigating the facts of legal case.

They assist lawyers prepare for trails by finding and presenting information. Paralegals need to be detail-oriented and have investigative, research, organization and communication skills. The national average salary of a paralegal is 43,470 per year.

  • Editor

The primary duties of editors are to oversee written materials for publication. They can have different tasks, some of which includes reviewing material and judging public interest in it, proofreading materials for mistakes, offering suggestions to writers and assisting in the publication process.

Editors can work in any field that has to do with producing reading publications, including book publishers, magazine, marketing firms and online content agencies. They need excellent attention to detail and written communication skills, including knowledge of grammar and writing styles. The national average salary of an editor is $46,380 per year.

  • High School English Teacher

The primary duties of High school English teachers are to instruct students in grades 9-12 in writing, reading, research and grammar skills. They plan and create lessons, provide direct classroom instruction, update students and parents of students on educational progress and create and grade assessments.

Every public school in the United States and many private schools require teachers to have a teaching license and requirements for earning one vary by state. The national average salary of a high school English teacher is $47,400 per year.

  • Communications Officer

The primary duties of communications officers are to facilitate accurate and effective communication between their employer, the media and the public at large. They plan, create and distribute content to promote or control awareness of company, individual’s brand or organization.

Communications officers require excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills and communication skills to create or develop and maintain relationships with executives, journalists and managers. The national average salary of a communicators officer is $50,660 per year.

  • Public Relations Manager

The primary duties of public relations managers are to help their clients to communicate effectively and efficiently with the public. They can work for the government or prominent men or women, organizations. Public relations managers develop their client’s public image by writing press releases, preparing information for also the media and designating information sources.

They most times also identify target audiences and create marketing or promotion plans. Public relations managers might supervise a small or large staff of communications employees, depending on who their employer is. The national average salary of a public relations manager is $55,545 per year.

  • Content Manager

The primary duties of content manager are to carefully supervise the presence and production of content on websites. They can research, write, edit, source and post new material and update or remove outdated material. They often work alone or oversee a team of writers and editors to ensure that the content on the site in accurate, current and very interesting to target audience. Content managers need creativity, leadership and analytical skills and excellent communication skills. The national average salary of a content manager is $56.765 per year.

  • Technical Writer

The primary duties of technical writers are to take complex and highly technical information and communicate it in easy-to-understand way. They often write user and instruction manuals, how-to guides, articles or other informative pieces to assist people in comprehending difficult subjects. They might also create diagrams.

They can work in many fields like scientific research, information technology and engineering. Technical writers need superb communication skills and the ability to understand very complex material. The national average salary of a technical writer is $58,470 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is An English Language Degree Useful?
  • It gives you room to study modern and classic literature, film, creative writing, language, theatre and more. An English degree is verse, this means that you can use the skills you learn and gain mastery in lots of industries, meaning you will have enough job opportunities waiting for you when you graduate.

  • Do English Majors Make Money?
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported as of recent in 2019 that the average yearly wage in the United States of America for people with English degrees was $51,000, higher than average wage in the US across all other occupations ($42,000).

  • What Is The Best Degree In English?
  • BA (Hons) in English StudiesDegree in Modern Philology – EnglishDegree in English Language and LiteratureDegree in English StudiesBachelor of Arts in English Language and CultureBachelor in English PhilologyBA in LinguisticsBachelor of English Philology
  • Final Note

    English language is the most popular language in the world. So many people feel that it is just speaking it that is there to it not knowing that many people have many errors when speaking English so this is more reason why English language degree will be more valued all over the world. Again most countries that are not English speaking countries pay a huge sum of money to employ those that have degree in English language. So with all the jobs we have listed choose the one that best fit your career.


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