What Job Can I Get With A Bachelor In Business Administration?

What Job Can I Get With A Bachelors In Business Administration

What Job Can I Get With A Bachelors In Business Administration-If you are looking forward to getting a bachelor’s degree in a field with endless career potential, then you may want to consider a bachelor’s degree in business administration. A bachelor’s degree in this field will open up so many opportunities within the business arena.

A degree in business administration can equip you with a wide range of skills, that gives you the ability to work almost anywhere.

Business administration is also known as business management. It is the administration of a commercial enterprise, which includes every aspects of overseeing and supervising the business operations or an organization. Business administration covers a number of fields including office building administration, accounting, finance, designing, development, quality assurance, data analysis, sales, project management, information-technology management, research and development, and marketing.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is designed to give a broader knowledge of the functional aspects of a company or organization and their interconnection, and at the same time allowing for specialization in a particular area. It is an excellent career choice, because it develops the students practical, managerial and communication skills, and business decision-making capability to excel in the competitive world. With these extra skills you are qualified and can work and succeed in many other fields. Here is a list of jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelors In Business Administration

If you are confused as to why you should study business administration and the available jobs opportunities with a degree in Business Administration, here are some of them:

  • Client services manager
  • Sales representative
  • Project manager
  • Office manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Business manager
  • Community manager
  • Staff accountants
  • Marketing manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Account executive
  • Data analyst
  • Business consultant
  • Management analyst
  • Development director
  • Director of operation

·     Client Services Manager

Client services managers are in-charge of the development and implementation of customer service procedures and training staff to follow the established guidelines. They maintain contact with new clients and talk to them about campaigns or projects they might be interested in and also assist customers with questions and inquiries and settle issues as needed.

Client services managers could earn up to $55,222 per year.

·     Sales Representative

Sales representatives are responsible for contacting new and existing customers and discuss, recommending products or services they may be interested in. They negotiate contracts and maintain relationship with clients to make sure they are satisfied with the service. Sales representatives sometimes act as customer service representative and help clients with questions or complaints about products.

A sales representative could earn up to $59,594 per year.

·     Project Manager

Project managers are in-charge of organizing, planning, directing and coordinating business projects and they ensure that all projects are completed according to the deadline, budget and company goals. They supervise teams, schedule meetings, troubleshoot and measure small goals and milestones according to the major goal.

A project manager could earn up to $76,404 per year.

·     Office Manager

Office managers organize business operations, procedures and overall maintenance. They are in-charge of preparing payroll and approve supply requests, and have an administrative team to which they assign duties and manage tasks.

Office managers could earn up to $42,187 per year.

·     Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are responsible for managing all aspects of employee hiring, firing, payroll, training and development and governance. They are usually in charge of researching and recruiting employees, coordinating interviews and hiring new employees.

A human resource manager could earn up to $69,206 per year.

·     Business Manager

Business managers are in charge of supervising and mana3the business of a company, including assets, operations and employees. Although their tasks depend on the company size, their main goals are to evaluate, troubleshoot and implement business strategies for the company’s optimum productivity and efficiency.

You could earn up to $63,999 per year as a business manager.

·     Community Manager

A community manager primarily helps organizations build and grow their online presence. They assess online usage using analytical tools that look at what the existing clients are saying about the company. They help a company or organization develop a strategic plan for starting or increasing their online community usage through social media.

Community managers could earn up to $47,173 per year.

·     Staff Accountants

The primary duty of a staff accountant is to maintain financial reports, records, general ledgers, presentation and assessing of budgets and general bookkeeping. They develop and implement accounting procedures for the company or organization.

A staff accountant could earn up to $51,109 per year.

·     Marketing Manager

Marketing managers often work with executives to develop a strategy for their company to drive more sales and sign customers. They usually assess data for industry trends in regards to the products or services their company supplies, and also supervise a team of marketing coordinators and help to train and develop their team for future growth.

Marketing managers could earn up to $61,136 per year.

·     Logistics Manager

A logistics manager is in charge of organizing the storage of goods and their distribution. They supervise the transportation of goods, management of stock and the general flow of goods. It is the duty of the logistics manager to handle materials, customer service and schedules for warehouse employees and also make sure employees follow basic safety procedures.

A logistics manager could earn up to $61,227 per year.

·     Account Executive

An account executive is tasked with the duty of acquiring new clients and maintaining relationships through customer service. By providing excellent customer service, they build and maintain relationships with customers. They are like a middle man between the team and the client.

Account executives could earn up to $65,773 per year.

·     Data Analyst

A data analyst primarily takes market research or sales numbers and translates them into understandable information for organizations. Then the data is used to develop strategic plans that help businesses make more cautious decisions, including creating more detailed solutions for common customer issues.

A data analyst could earn up to $67,300 per year.

·     Business Consultant

Business consultants are responsible for organizing and executing various administrative assignments for a client. They gather clients and collect business information through research, interviews and other methods to find strengths and weaknesses of the organization. They the business consultants discuss these findings with their clients and recommend ideas and solutions to the issues found during the assessment.

You could earn up to $71,581 per year.

·     Management Analyst

Management analyst primarily helps organizations find ways to maximize efficiency through cost of reductions and increased revenue. They help organizations design more efficient systems by creating procedures and operating manuals and conduct organizational evaluations.

Management analysts could earn up to $77,523 per year.

·     Development Director

Development directors work with organizations to create strategic plans to raise funds for the company. The primary focus of development directors is to oversee fundraising efforts, including delegating tasks and duties to team members. They usually network and make connections with potential sponsors or donors.

Development directors could earn up to $83,017 per year.

·     Director Of Operations

The primary duty of director of operations is to oversee and encourage the growth and profitability of an organization. They help with the day-to-day activities of the company and set strategic goals to help organizations remain in business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the highest paying jobs in business administration?
  • List Of highest paying business jobs:

    • Human Resource ManagerSales ManagerOperations ManagerBusiness AnalystData ScientistAccounting ManagerFinance ManagerProduct Manager

  • Is a business admin degree worth it?
  • Yes, most entry-level jobs in business require a bachelor’s degree. Even if they don’t, professionals without a bachelor’s degree will have more difficulty advancing their career. A bachelor’s degree can open the doors to new positions, higher pay and long-term job security.

  • Is a 2 year business degree worth it?
  • You will not only enjoy high employment levels as a degree holder, but you’ll likely earn more money in your job and career. Employers are willing to pay qualified employees better wages, so with the time and money you’ve invested into an associate degree, it may pay off when you can earn a higher salary.

  • Is a bachelor’s in business administration hard?
  • Generally, a business degree is not hard at all. However, your course load may be heavy. And some courses will be harder for some than others. But the depth of study in each area is not as great as it would be for a specialized Business Major.

  • Is it hard to find a job with a business degree?
  • Business Administration graduates should have no problem finding a good job right after graduation. As of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of jobs in this field should grow by 12% each year there by increasing job opportunities annually.

    Final Note

    Business administration is a field that helps you cope anywhere you cope find yourself. With a degree in business administration, you are opened up to a whole full opportunities and so getting a job after graduating is not a problem, as you work in almost any field with a business administration degree. Above is a list of some well-paying jobs you can get with a bachelors in business administration.


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