Remote Jobs Available in Canada – Apply Now

Remote Jobs Available in Canada - Apply Now

Remote Jobs are those that allow you to work from home, or better still from anywhere irrespective of your location. Most people prefer working remotely as it will give them room to engage in other activities.

These Jobs can either be employee-based or freelance-based. This means that, as a Remote worker, you are either employed as a full-time employee or as a freelancer in the employer’s organization.

Just a little number of remote Jobs allow you to work from anywhere in the world, without regard to your location, many others require that you are in the same territory or country with the organization.

Remote Jobs Available in Canada - Apply Now

However, this post will include remote jobs that you can get in Canada, without regard to your location. You can be in Canada or outside Canada. This will not affect your employment. All you have to do is to apply and submit the necessary documents.

Available Remote Jobs in Canada You can apply for

1.) IS Systems Engineer III – Remote, DB Healthcare, Inc.:

This takes the first place on our list because I feel it is a hotcake. You don’t want to miss out on working here if you are a very good Systems Engineer. Though, you are required to work for only 5 months, if employed.

The employment duration lasts for just 5 months, then the project is completed. There are requirements and skills you must possess before you can apply. They include;

  • At least five years experience in System administration and engineering for VMWare systems
  • Ability to engineer and manage complex VMWare solutions in a clinical setting
  • Staying up-to-date on recent technologies and automation techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of technology operations.

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2.) Senior Advisor 1 – Business Development and Sales Support, Desjardins, Alma, QC, Canada:

For this position, the employee will help serve and maintain business relationships with members and clients. The Senior Advisor will develop multiple distribution channels based on the needs of clients and current strategies to help sell products and services.

Also, you will lead clients and practitioners on sales and service development projects and initiatives. Networking skills are also important to do well in this position. You must be able to boost the company’s profitability without inhibiting the satisfaction of clients.

3.) Senior Account Manager, IgniteTech:

If you believe that you have all it takes to work on an existing customer base and strengthen it, then this is for you. You must be able to learn new industries and promote a growing list of technological advancements.

However, this account management role is very much unlike the rest where you deal with customers directly. Instead, you will work across industries to align customers with a better vision for success.

In addition, you will work to help clients and customers save more money, and deliver greater value, up to 10x. Are you ready for this? If yes, this is what you will be required to do basically after employment;

  • Familiarize clients with the vision of the company via video-based meetings
  • Stay updated with the trends of the industry to satisfy customers better
  • Writing specific action plans to help customers move to the next success level.

4.) Chief Technology Officer, Trilogy, ON, Canada:

You should not miss this opportunity if you have a strong point of view on the market and how customers can achieve more value from software technology. I believe you will so much love this job if it is for you.

Your responsibilities include;

  • Developing a convincing vision to transform customer experiences with newly-acquired companies
  • Ensure customers are placed first
  • Emphasis on stronger customer relationships, and exciting them about the future vision of the company for them.
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