How To Apply For NSCDC Recruitment

NSCDC Recruitment

The NSCDC ( Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps ) was established in 1967, a time when the country was ravaged by a civil war.

They hold the mandate to not only sensitize but protect the good people of Nigeria. Their primary objective was to create awareness in the civil populace on the plans of the State’s enemies and the possible way of escaping from the enemies. It’s offices were spread across Nigeria and additional functions were handed to this body. Also in this article, we will look at how to apply for NSCDC recruitment.

Functions Of NSCDC In The Defence Of Nigeria

The NSCDC has the following functions:

1. Maintain peace to assist to ensure that there is peace and order in the Nigerian society. The paramilitary is assigned the care of the civil population in Nigeria in the event of of an emergency.

2. Recommendation of private security companies

The body is assigned the responsibility of ensuring that all private security company is duly registered and is recommended to the Minister of defence.

3. Inspects the activities of private security companies

The role of inspecting private security companies has remained a statutory function of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. The inspection process includes inspecting training facilities in the private guard company and approval of use of those facilities.

4. Supervise the activities of private security companies

All activities of private security companies is supervised under the watch of the NSCDC. This body is empowered to record and be on top of happenings in private security companies.

5. Organize training programs for private security companies

The NSCDC regularly organizes training program in the form of workshops and more for private security. Most of their training courses are of standard, and will ensure that private security companies remain efficient. If you are among those interested in getting recruited to work in the NSCDC , keep reading to learn how to go about it.

Obtaining the NSCDC recruitment application form is easy and straight forward. Follow carefully all instructions in this article. Let’s look at some interesting facts about the civil defence.

Facts About The Civil Defence

The NSCDC stands for the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps. It is a paramilitary organization established during the civil war period in 1967. It’s primary role is to protect lives and homes especially pipelines from vandalisation.

The nature of the civil defence job is demanding. Hence there is a section process all requirements as without it, employment on the NSCDC is not guaranteed.

Requirements To Apply For The NSCDC Recruitment

There are some basic requirements all candidates must possess to apply for NSCDC recruitment.

Those applying must ensure they meet age requirements and other requirements as released on their portal.

i Nationality: Must be Nigerian

ii  Maximum age: 30

iii Minimum age:  18

iv Minimum height (male): 1.65m

v  Maximum height (female): 1.60m

How To Apply For NSCDC Defence Recruitment 2022

Application for recruitment into the NSCDC is simple. You will first need to go to the official civil defence recruitment portal at and register. Once done, submit all necessary documents via the portal , providing the right information.

Here is the step by step process of application for the civil defence recruitment:

1. Go to the website

2. Click on apply

3. Fill in your bio-data on the page

4. Upload your certificates and your National ID (NIN)

5. Submit your application once sucessfully filled

6. All shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Civil Defence Recruitment Criteria

Age: 18-30

Academic requirement: BSC, HND, OND, WASSCE

Degree: BSC or Master’s degree

Height(male): 1.65m

Height(female): 1.60m

FAQ Civil Defence Recruitment Requirements

Is it free of charge?

Interested applicants should note that the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps recruitment is free of charge.

What are some important documents for applying for NSCDC recruitment?

Before applying for recruitment , ensure you have complete scanned copies of your credentials and a well-written resume. Also all applicants must not have been convicted of any crime at the time of applying.

Is the NSCDC recruiting?

The Nigerian Civil Defence application form is yet to be out. However, interested candidates should follow this section regularly for new updates to ensure you prepare ahead of time.

Salary & Rank In The NSCDC

In this section, you will learn how much civil defence salary per month is and all the latest updates on the NSCDC salary scheme. Below, we have highlighted all ranks from the highest in the civil defence:

Assistant Cadre: Level 3 to 5 ( lowest rank )

Inspectorate Cadre: Level 6 to 12

Assistant Superintendent Cadre ii ( ASC ): Level 8

Assistant Superintendent Cadre I ( ASC ): Level 9

Deputy Superintendent Cadre ( ASC ): Level 11

Superintendent Cadre ( SC ): Level 11

Chief Superintendent Cadre ( CSC ): Level 12

Assistant Commander ( AC ): Level 13

Deputy Commander ( DC ): Level 14

Chief Commander ( CC ): Level 15

Assistant Commandant General ( ACG ): Level 16

Deputy Commandant General ( DCG ): Level 17

Commandant General ( CG): Level 18, highest rank in the civil defence

Civil Defence Salary Structure

The salary level in the NSCDC depends on your rank and promotions based on the new COMPASS payment scale. Any officer in NSCDC on level 8 step 1 also known as;

 Assistant Superintendent Cadre has a salary structure of around NGN121,000 while an Inspectorate Cadre on Level 7 has a salary of around NGN69,000.

All Graduates places in level 8, HND holders are placed on level 7. Meanwhile, medical doctors are on level 12 while lawyers and those who hold a master’s degree are placed on level 9.

Level, Rank and Annual Salaries

 Assistant Cadre 3 3-5 :- N296,506 – N374,259

 Inspectorate Cadre :- N483,014 – N569,065

 Assistant Superintendent Cadre ii :- N858,956 – N986,991

 Assistant Superintendent Cadre I :- N939,310 – N1,056,416

 Deputy Superintendent Cadre ii :- N1,012,362 – N1,153,539

 Superintendent Cadre ii :- 1,094,027 – 1,252,038

 Chief Superintendent Cadre ii :- N1,158,172 – N1,325,234

 Assistant Commander :- N1,225,584 – N1,405,449

 Deputy Commander :- N1,619,447 – N1,825,589

 Chief Commander :- N1,759,921 – N1,996,281

 Assistant Commandant General :- N2,272,288 – N2,464,560

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