Top 5 Best Art Schools In The US

Best Art Schools In The US

If you are passionate about art, you should attend a college that will foster your creativity. An art school will assist you in developing your abilities and learning more about what it takes to be successful in the professional realm of art and design. In this post, I’ve produced a list of the best art schools in the US to save you the hassle of unending research.

List Of The Best Art Schools In The US

  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Columbia University
  • California Institute of the Arts
  • Yale School of the Fine Arts

Best Art Schools In The US

1. Rhode Island School of Design

The Rhode Island School of Design is a private art and design school in Providence, Rhode Island. Helen Adelia Rowe Metcalf started the school as a coeducational institution in 1877 to enhance women’s access to design education. RISD now enrolls roughly 2,000 undergraduate and 500 graduate students and provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 19 majors.

The Rhode Island School of Design Museum contains the school’s art and design collections and is one of the country’s major collegiate art museums. There are several excellent art institutions, but RISD remains the undisputed leader in providing the most distinguished arts education. Programs span traditional disciplines like illustration to more current disciplines like industrial and product design.

RISD enables you to explore and cooperate in areas outside of your major. You will have the opportunity to hone your critical thinking abilities and your capacity to construct and “make” both within and outside your chosen route. RISD enables you to explore and cooperate in areas outside of your major. You will have the opportunity to hone your critical thinking abilities and your capacity to construct and “make” both within and outside your chosen route.

Prospective students are encouraged to participate in a college preparation program in high school, studying studio painting and art history classes if available. Admissions consideration requires the submission of a portfolio.

Your portfolio should include 12-20 samples of your best recent artwork. This work may be presented in either completed or sketch form in any format (including film or video). It might be the outcome of a project or a self-directed creative investigation. You must also submit two drawing examples.

2. Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private, non-profit art college with campuses in Savannah, Georgia, Atlanta, and Lacoste, France. The art school is one of the best art schools in the US. The school offers about 40 majors/disciplines, as well as more than 70 minors and certificate programs. In addition to eLearning, SCAD features four study sites, with most programs allowing you to move around from one to the other.

The institution enrolls about 14,000 students from all over the country and the globe, with foreign students accounting for up to 17% of the student body. The Commission recognizes SCAD on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as other professional accrediting agencies.

SCAD has the highest employment rate by far, despite the fact that its faculty-to-students ratio is 20 to 1. Within ten months of graduation, 99 percent of SCAD’s Spring 2021 graduates were employed, pursuing further education, or both. This number is surprisingly high, steady, and especially noteworthy considering the economy’s and employment market’s recent volatility.

Every year, SCAD presents a variety of SCAD Signature Events, which provide chances for students in all programs, from gaming to fashion and beyond. SCAD deFINE ART and SCAD AT MIAMI are art-fair-style events that highlight known and upcoming artists while also displaying contemporary art, design innovation, and performance. And the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, the world’s biggest university-run film festival, has shown over 100 Oscar-nominated films.

3. Columbia University

The fine art graduate and undergraduate programs at Columbia University emphasize the development of a student’s vision above their growth as, say, a conventional painter. Although potential MFA students are assigned to disciplines during the application process, once accepted, they are free to create in whatever media or approach they want.

Similarly, the undergraduate Visual Arts major is diverse. Concentrations in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, and Video are available, although students may specialize in any combination of these disciplines.

Undergraduate tuition at the University is roughly $61,671, making it the second most expensive institution on our list. The school scores relatively low in diversity, but it has the second-highest graduation rate at 95.8 percent. Only Yale matches the University’s professor-to-student ratio, with both institutions claiming an average ratio of 6 to 1.

Cultural possibilities abound in New York City, and the school’s Arts Initiative makes them accessible via a passport program that provides free entrance to more than thirty institutions. Furthermore, Columbia’s own LeRoy Neiman Gallery and Wallach Art Gallery provide students with diverse options.

The Wallach is a world-class visual arts facility that collaborates closely with the Department of Art History and Archaeology, the School of the Arts, and the University libraries. The Neiman Museum features exhibits of work by invited artists, educators, and students.

4. California Institute of the Arts

CalArts, situated in Santa Clarita, California, provides over seventy complete degree programs in the performing, visual, and literary arts. According to the school, these programs are “tailored for a new kind of artist: one that thinks about the way their work intersects with the public at large and goes beyond basic aesthetics and competence.”

The California Institute of the Arts instructors are all practicing artists with extensive real-world experience. Every student is allocated a mentor who aids them with individual study and leads them through the program. CalArts offers eight galleries devoted to displaying student work and assisting students in becoming familiar with hanging and presenting art in different ways.

The school has a variety of media laboratories and a “Super Shop” for techniques like carpentry, metalworking, and mold making for students to use.  With so many curricula to select from, students are encouraged to investigate and consider the art they intend to create.

Installation, video, cinema, writing, performance, painting, drawing, painting, photography, digital imaging, and sculpture are just a few of the mediums that graduate and undergraduate students may learn about. Individualized training and mentorship are prioritized as students learn how to explain ideas, create personal techniques, and construct an independent studio practice.

CalArts has around 1,500 students enrolled. Undergraduate tuition is $54,440, which is moderate compared to the other colleges mentioned. Its current graduation rate of 72.4 percent is similarly quite low, although it has one of the greatest faculty-to-student ratios at 6.5 to 1.

CalArts demonstrates its dedication to building an equitable and diverse environment via various activities such as specific scholarships, programs, and identity projects. For example, in 2022, The Patty Disney Center for Life & Work will establish its inaugural internship grant program, funding around 10 students yearly.

The initiative is intended to “cover expenditures spent” by students seeking unpaid in-person internships. The school also maintains a comprehensive and interactive factbook with data points from the current academic year and the previous five years.

5. Yale School of the Fine Arts

The Yale School of Fine Arts is the country’s first art school to be affiliated with a university. Students are encouraged to expand and use the wide variety of disciplines and expertise around them, as is customary for art schools under such institutions.

Yale’s MFA program is meant to evolve in response to its students’ changing interests and requirements so that it may, for example, assist students in exploring and establishing creative methods that may not be available within the school’s core curriculum. MFA programs are available in Graphic Design, Painting & Printmaking, Photography, and Sculpture.

Although Critical Practice and All-School/Interdisciplinary are not recognized fields of study, both are simple to find within the curriculum and serve as an aspirational foundation for the school itself, according to Yale. Yale provides a single BA in Art to students, with the condition that majors pick a specialization in either Graphic Design, Painting/Printmaking, Photography, or Sculpture.

Yale’s undergraduate tuition is now $57,700. It has one of the finest faculty-to-student ratios on our list, at 6 to 1. The school is only somewhat diversified, yet it has the highest graduation rate (96.6%).

The Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library are among the famous galleries and institutions on campus. There is also a natural history museum at the school. Many successful and renowned alumni have graduated from the Yale School of Art, including Kehinde Wiley and Chuck Close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SCAD Hard To Get Into?

Admission at Savannah College of Art & Design is competitive, with an acceptance rate of 81%. Half of Savannah College of Art and Design’s accepted students have a SAT score between 1060 and 1260 or an ACT score between 21 and 28.

Is Rhode Island School Of Design Prestigious?

Yes, it is. RISD graduates have earned ten MacArthur Genius Fellowships, five Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Academy Awards as of 2022.

Can You Get An Arts Degree Online?

Yes! Art degrees, like many other degrees, may be obtained online. For some, it may be a more comfortable setting and system than conventional art courses at a college or institution.

What Can You Do With An Arts Degree?

The possibilities are astounding and very nonlinear. Several art jobs are available in various businesses, and the list is extensive. Graphic design, advertising, game art design, concept artist, freelance artist, art professor, animator, and even interior designer are all examples.


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