Top 5 Best Architecture Schools

Best Architecture Schools

In the last decade, the architectural business has seen dramatic growth. Architecture studies include technology, design, and theory. Students benefit from cutting-edge resources at the best architecture schools, such as prototype laboratories (3D printing and laser cutting) and distinctive workshop spaces. Most students who want to study architecture wish to study at the best architecture schools in the world because of the teaching and opportunities they will gain. In this guide, we have revived the stress of searching endlessly for the best architecture schools. We have provided a list of the best architecture schools in the world.

List Of The Best Architecture Schools

  • MIT School of Architecture and Planning
  • TU Delft Faculty of Architecture
  • Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
  • ETH Zurich Faculty of Architecture
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design

Best Architecture Schools

1. MIT School of Architecture and Planning

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Planning is one of five schools situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1865 by William Robert Ware, the school provided the first organized architectural curriculum in the United States and the world’s first architecture program functioning inside the framework of a university.

MIT SAP is regarded as one of the world’s best architecture schools in design domains and one of the world’s most respected institutions. MIT’s architecture department is routinely placed among the best architecture/built environment schools in the world and was ranked first in the world in the QS World University Rankings from 2015 to 2018.

Undergraduates are accepted to MIT on a rolling basis and are not expected to declare a major until the conclusion of their first or second year. Regardless of major, all MIT undergraduates must meet the General Institute requirements and, more particularly, departmental requirements.

SAP students are often enrolled in the architecture department or the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Undergraduates at MIT are allowed to register for any course on a university-wide basis, including graduate-level courses, as long as they meet any course requirements.

2. TU Delft Faculty of Architecture

With around 2,900 students, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft is the university’s biggest faculty. TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture, established in 1904, sets the benchmark for architectural education and research in its fullest meaning. In a dynamic, distinctive, and globally oriented atmosphere, around three thousand students, hundreds of researchers, lecturers, and professors pursue education, conduct research, and support work.

It also has one of the world’s top faculties: in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020, it was placed second in the world’s top universities for architecture and built environment, behind only the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and third in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The Architecture Bachelor’s degree offers the groundwork for the information and abilities you will need later in your career as a structural engineer. The training is extensive. You will be working with technology, theory, and design in this course. Your inventiveness and spatial awareness are crucial in this. The bachelor’s program is only available in Dutch.

You will get technical-scientific training and learn to clearly, and step-by-step examine complicated situations. You work alone or in groups on different design projects, learning about the connection between technology, culture, and the living environment.

Following your bachelor’s degree, you may pursue a master’s degree to deepen your knowledge and abilities. The master’s program allows you to concentrate further on a particular subject. You will grow into a professional who can work independently and is up to date on the newest advances in the construction industry. The master’s programs are only available in English.

3. Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

The University of London’s Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment is home to twelve departments, including the Bartlett School of Architecture, the Bartlett School of Planning, the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, and the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis, which are all experts in their respective sectors of the built environment.

In all major rankings, The Bartlett routinely ranks first in Europe and the United Kingdom and second in the world in the field of “Architecture and the Built Environment.” It was rated #1 in the world in the 2019 QS World University Rankings and second in the 2021 Rankings.

The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment is the UK’s biggest and most prestigious interdisciplinary built environment faculty, specializing in architecture, planning, construction and project management, development planning, and environmental design, among many others.

Bartlett’s mission is to be a dynamic and creative agency in a world where architecture, as a tool of critical thought and creative inquiry, is appreciated for its ability to improve global environmental circumstances and give a constructive and adaptable legacy for future generations.

4. ETH Zurich Faculty of Architecture

The Department of Architectural was founded in 1854 and is a world-renowned architecture school that offers instruction in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design. It has around 1,900 students and 350 employees, with an annual budget of CHF 40 million.

A bachelor’s degree at ETH Zurich takes three years to complete. 180 credit points must be obtained. In addition, six months of internship are required. Admission to the first semester is only available in the autumn. A broad variety of interdisciplinary disciplines, including Social Studies and the Humanities, may be taken to supplement one’s studies at either ETH Zurich or the University of Zurich.

The Master of Architecture program lasts two years and should be augmented by a six-month internship term. A total of 120 credit points are required. Entry into the program is only available in the autumn (except for those pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at ETH Zurich).

The study program is conducted in German. Classes and exams are offered in either German or English. The completion of the program culminates in granting a Master of Science ETH in Architecture (MSc ETH Arch).

5. Harvard Graduate School of Design

The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) is the graduate design school of Harvard Institution, a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school is known to be one of the best architecture schools in the world. Master’s and doctorate degrees are available in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, real estate, design engineering, and design studies.

GSD has nearly 13,000 graduates, including several well-known architects, urban planners, and landscape architects. The institution is regarded as a worldwide academic leader in design disciplines. GSD boasts the world’s oldest landscape architecture department (established in 1893) as well as the oldest urban planning program in North America (founded in 1900).

In 1874, Harvard University began teaching architecture. The Graduate Institution of Design was founded in 1936, bringing together the three professions of architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture into a single graduate school.

The Department of Architecture is a one-of-a-kind community rich in diversity, cooperation, and design research. Students study today’s most inventive design techniques with an international faculty well-known in the area.

Master of Architecture (MArch), Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA), Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD), Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design (MLAUD), Master of Urban Planning (MUP), Master of Real Estate (MRE), Master of Design Engineering (MDE), and Master of Design Studies are among the degrees awarded in master’s programs (MDes).

The school also provides the Doctor of Design (DDes) degree and collaborates with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to administer a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture. Executive Education is a division of GSD that offers professional development seminars.

The Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate (AMDP) is a one-year executive development program for experienced real estate executives. Participants who complete AMDP become full-fledged Harvard University alumni. Throughout the year, Executive Education provides a varied audience of learners with short-term programs in architecture, urban planning, design, and real estate.

The GSD Design Labs conduct research to combine theoretical and practical knowledge to allow the design to be an agent of change in society. There are now seven labs: Energy, Environments, and Design Group; New Geographies Lab; Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab; Social Agency Lab; Urban Theory Lab; Geometry Lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Architecture A Good Career?

Architecture will always be an excellent career option that is in high demand. Several colleges in the world provide the best Architecture course framework.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Harvard?

Harvard is presently the hardest institution to get into, with a record-low acceptance rate of only 3.19% for the class of 2026. This rate represents admission to Harvard College, the undergraduate school of the Ivy League institution.

Is ETH Zurich Architecture Taught In English?

The primary language of teaching is German. Classes and exams are offered in either German or English (for courses held in English).

What Is ETH Zurich Famous For?

ETH Zurich is a world-class scientific and technology university noted for its cutting-edge research and innovation.

What Is An Architect’s Job?

An architect is a specialist who creates architectural designs. They create structural ideas and then collaborate with engineers to ensure that those designs perform properly in their intended location or project aim.


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